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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 11, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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welcome back to fox 45 early edition. 5:29 is the time. you're taking a look at an early morning shot out at the inner harbor. good morning, i'm patrice harris. let's get a check of the our forecast because we're getting ready for another hot day. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a look at just how hot. that picture is prettier than it feels. >> it's muggy. you can feel the heat as soon as you walk out. >> it will be hot and humid again. the thunderstorm chances will increase. today as we say, hot and humid and it starts off with temperatures, look at that in the 80s in some places like in baltimore 83 and d.c. the same. 78 in salisbury, close to that number. 68 in oakland as wepectexthe elevations cooler and less humid too. what we're looking at sky hd
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radar a couple of showers push through to the east. they're here right now with the loss of the heating overnight and the hottest part of the day that is. you she the showers to the west but there could be showers popping up in the eastern shore, late tonight and we will talk about a better chaace for tomorrow. the average being around this region this morning to 91 at noon. mostly clear skies and a few more clouds later in the day, 91 degrees after 6:00 p.m. after hitting the high of 96 at 4:00 this afternoon. all right what. is happening on the roadways as you're heading out this morning, here is auren cooke with the answer and the traffic edge. lash. >> reporter: thanlauren.>> rep, steve. we do want to watch for a traffic light that a out in honey go boulevard. watch out for a disabled car along the northbound lanes at route 152. fortunately we're looking at high speeds traveling in 95 in the whitemarsh area, checking in and taking a live look, cars are moving along both the northbound and southbound lanes just fine from whitemarsh to the beltway.
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you're looking at a 4-minute drive with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. no problems on the beltway along the outer loop lanes from 95 to 83, you're ooking at an 11-minute drive with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. 11 minutes to 295 with a an average speed at bower miles per hour. patrice, back to you. 5:32 on fox 45 early edition. get ready for another hot one. temperaturrs are expected to soar about 90 degrees today. if you are in the city hopefully you have air-conditioning because cooling off at a pool is no longer an option. megan gilliland is live with the latest on why the pools are all closed. good morning megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. we are talking about all 41 public pools in the city shutdown. the mayor says they can't afford to keep them open for the remainder of summer. jack young is calling on city council to use rainy day funds
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to keep them up and running through labor day. he says the city can't afford not to. >> what is going to happen now? you know, there's still out of school. kids are mischievous. they're going to get out offthe fence oar someone may be drowned or hurt, there's going to be a tragedy. >> council president young is ú%pected to a nuns his plan to e his plan to keep the pools open. on friday he is expected to call the council in for a special session to approve what could be $400,000 to keep the pools open. a private donor offered $90,000 to ensure that the druid hill park pool remains open. the 40 otherrpools will remain closed at least for now. megan gilliland, fox 45 morning news. a small plane registered to an el co ellicott city crashes? massachusetts.
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the single engine crashed about a mile from orange municipal airport in massachusetts. ntsb officiaas arr investigating the incident. they have yet to reveal the identity of the two people that were killed. more than a dozen children were taken to the hospital after a daycare van crashes into an suv. it happened yesterday afternoon in glendale. the children rage in age from 6 to 11. 5 officials say five. children had minor injuries. another 9 were taken to the hospital to be checked out. county police are investigating the crash but say the suv overturned in the ccash and the driver was trapped and haddto be freed by firefighters. his injuries were not life-threatening. a woman rescued from a fire in her hambden home dies from her injuries. the neighbor pulled debbie out of her home after flames break out on 9:00 monday morning. the 82 years old was taken the hospital for smoke inhaaationn3 and burns. the cause of the fire is still3
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being investigated. sexual assault charges are dropped against four current and former morgan state university students, but not before they are all attacked while being held in the city jail. few details of the attack are been treated for their injuries. city state attorney's office decided not to prosecute after their accuser changed her story. originally she said the men who all have connections to the sccool's band attacked her at the hamilton hill apartment. a community activity group is taking matters into its own hands affer a large fight breaks out on the d.c. metro. a dozen members of the guardian angels will start patrolling the green line three nights a week. this comes after last week 70 person brawl that injured four people. the group keeps an eye on one metro stop one night a week and they breakup fights there all
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the time but they have never seen anything that large. a baltimore womb woma womand her husband and tried to kill her daughter will spend the rest of her life behind bars. in june of 2009, she shot her husband ronald and then turned the gun on her daughter chelsea. prrsecutors say that the plan was well attacked. kelsey told the judge she lives with a mom who if she didn't get her way made others suffer n ii3 think that for my mom, yeah, like maybe she had bad things happen in her childhood, but it's an individual's responsibility to get help, talk to people, make sure that you don't ead the rest of your down a path of no return. >> the defense team says it already has plans to appeal the sentence. children in trouble with the law are getting the treatment they need at maryland's jjewghth detention facility but the high
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number of offenders is having unintendeddence consequences. the hamilton ham youth fa till sefacilityis being pushed beyon. juvenile services offiiials responding to the numbers say, no problems have resulted from the over population. it has never been done before but marine biologist think that something that they are doing this week could maae the inner harbor much cleaner and maybe even swimmable some die. joeday. joel d smith is live at the inner harbor to show us the floatable wetlands. >> reporter: just an idea and out in a reality. the floatable wetlands are here. we have seen some ducks. they think it's real, it's good enough and alisa is here with the baltimore water keeper. what waa your role in making
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sure that happened. >> we provided the initial supplemental fund. it was $50,000 and we partnered design a bill for the wetlands. >> reporter: why so expensive. it seems like a small area for by thousand dollars. $50,000. >> the time and design and the time that it takes to create these kinds of things. we are hoping that the cost will go down as we are building the ones next year. >> reporter: you are using for floatable devices things that were already in the harbor. >> we pulled play tic plastic bt of the harbor and used them to make them float. >> reporter: the new wetlands later today. >> that's a different product and that was engineered to float. it doesn't use garbage. >> reporter: that is going to be at the aquarium. >> that is at the national
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aquarium, it's called bio haven and it's being used across the country. >> reporter: maybe we will get a sneak peek of that as we go through the rest of the morning. as they check this next year and everything is working well, they will add more and more and in 10 years swimmable inner harbor. >> how many are they starting with, joel. >> reporter: just a few here and they're adding more as they go and the national aquarium will are a chunk instead of the individual pieces. sounds good, joel. it's maryland's time to chine. a 5 member maryland delegation including governor opall o'malld school superintendent is headed to washington to interview for education officials. the program is aimed to boost student achievement and reduce the gaps and turn around struggling schools. maryland is one of 19 finalists in the grant program and could receive $250 million in federal
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education funding. coming up on the early edition, repeat offenders. the problem in maryland is that violent criminals are right back out on the ssreets. why some people blame judges and why they want to hold them accountable. another hot and humid day climbing into the ú
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5:42 other this wednesday morning. we're looking at a warm day or a hot day really, warm start with temperatures climbing into the 90s later. 83 is where we are at already this morning with winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour under partly cloudy skies. 60% relative humidity, and the barometer is falling. 68 is the dew point ask that is an indication that the humidity is still with us. 78 in salisbury. 76 in hagerstown, out in oakland, 68 degrees and cooler there. the dew points is also going to be playing a role and making things feel more comfortable. 76 in salisbury, and it's making temperatures even at this hour which is not usual when we see the heat index playing as much
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of a role but even now it's warmer than it reads on the thermometer. 84 is what is it reads like in salisbury. 67 degrees, feeling warm inner baltimore and 79 ii what it feels like in hagerstown. sky hd radar not showing a lot of activity last night. a few showers and we may see more scattered and stray showers tonight. not much more than after that. we look at the bigger picture and you see we are keeppng an eye at the gulf coast because there's a tropical system, it looks like or one that is developing as we speak. it's tropical depression number 5. danielle as it makes its way toward the louisiana coastline, the western most part of the state of florida and we will be %-close to points in betweens around alabama and mississippi, too, through tomorrow. the next 24 hours we will be watching closely. meanwhile the stationary bon bin
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drebiewndrey drey is goinboundary is going te better chance of showers and -hunderstorms, too. that will continue as the trough of low pressure sits over our region for the next several days. in fact, almost each and every day, once we get past today. the chance of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast at least not throughout the entire day but at least a chance oo eech given ay. 93 degrees is where we're headed for the high on the eastern shore. north winds at 5-10 miles per hour. the central part of the state will be the warmest part of maryland as we climb toany 93 d. looking at 93 degrees there as well with more sunshine and a north wind at 5 miles per hour. the flow is going to shift to the north as the frontal boundary starts to shift through. 91 by noon and 96 by 94:00 thist
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4400 this afternoon. and the stray shower and thunderstorm chance especially to the eastern part of the state. and then tomorrow, the humidity drops a little bit and so do the temperatures. 87 degrees for the high, but the thunderstorm chances increase then, about a 50% chance. 85 degrees on friday with a chance of some showers then. and then maybe a light shower or scattered shower on saturday, 87 for the high, a better chance for showers and thunderstorms on sunday with a high of 88. 87 and 88 with more thunderstorm chances on monday and tuesday. lauren cooke is standing by now to let you know what it looks like on the roadways. hereeshe is with the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. the watermain break in essex has been fixed but we're dealing with road clue sure as closure. it has shutdown between northeastern am and hamburg avenue. you o want to be aware that the traffic liiht is going to be out at the intersection of whitemarsh boulevard at honey go boulevard and if you areful if e
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traveling at 95 watch out for a disabled car at route 152. we check on the southbound lanes as we take a look at 95 in the whitemarsh area, you will see no problems to report traveling northbound and to the southbound. if you are traveling 695 in parksville, you're looking at a high 60 miles per houu taking a live look at the harford road. you will notice ars moving along as you make the push toward towson just fine. if you're traveling on the west side, we're looking at a high 57 miles per hour along the outer loop lanes at liberty road. no problems from interstate 70 from columbia to the beltway, but we do have a house fire that is causing complications at wood binbine road at newport road. back to you. still ahead the orioles are %-manager buck show
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did they keep their winning games last night in cleveland. the problem in maryland is that violent criminals are back on the street. are juddes to blame on thh guys remember, we're a solar system. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade. long summer days, and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena® clinical skincare. exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream helps restore collagen depleted skin. neutrogena clinical skincare is clinically tested
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to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging in just 4 weeks. do-overs do exist. [ female announcer ] new clinical skincare. neutrogena. #1 dermatologist recommended brand. the murder of a john hopkins researcher brings to light just
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how deadly repeat offenders can be. some people say judges play a key role in creating repeat offenders. crime and justice reporter joy lapoll show lepola shows uss being done to make judges accountable. >> reporter: in the shadows of this city block, homeowners tend to their gardens:. not far away ooe homeowner strikes up a conversation with a city police officer. on the mind of many is the recent measurer did of stephen pitcairn, a john hopkins assistant. >> these are the things that i like to catch up with the police to find out what is going on and how we can help. >> reporter:help. >> we're doing our friday morning walk. >> reporter: sharon walks every friday through the village. it's part of a neighborhood patrol group. >> we're watching and looking to
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make sure that everything is in record ors anythin ruers. >> reporter: anything out of the record is noticed. >> somebody had their broken into this. >> we have on this particular block a lot of vacant houses. >> reporter: anyone who appears to be up to no good is told to move on. >> thank you. ruers mile>> reporter: mmles ad out of sight is a suspect in pitcairn's murder. >> we have a serious problem in maryland with judges releasing3 violent criminals. >> reporter: john alexander caught one break after another,3 he repeatedly violated his probation yet he was never sent back to prison. >> people want to know where the services are being provided. >> reporter: documents show on june 21st of this year, wagner went before baltimore
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county judge for violating his probation. weeks later another violation. before he is picked up, pitcairn is murdered? >> if somebody violates probation and sits there and thinks, i can go on committing crimes since nobody is watching. >> reporter: share own hopes that will change through a program called court watch. it's been around for years, but few residents have shown interest in it. >> the only piece that is missing right now and is the resident portion. >> reporter: as sharon waits to see if anyone steps up. >> the problem in maryland is that violent criminals are right back out on the streets. >> reporter: delegate pat mcdonee is working on the transparency act, legislation that if passed would establish a data wide base to hold judges
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accountable. >> it makes it in simple language the judge's decision. it will say on one column, what the criminal could have received, and it will say on the other column what the judge's decision was. >> reporter: in maryland, judges are appointed by the governor. after their initial term theú majority must then be reelected by voters. their terms range from 10 to 15 years. >> that's the only way they can be held accountable. >> reporter: for wagner he caught breaks in the county and city. one of the last thing ity judge ú%hn howard said to wagner was >> wagner is back and this time it's not for violating his probation, but first-degree murder. joy lepola, fox 45 morning news. back in march, maryland attorney general doug ensler supported eliminating elections for judges. it argued that it would remove the appearanne that judges can be bought by campaign donors.
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it failed in annapolis. living life with adhd. the treatment options that may best benefit kids and their families. next who will win the ravens kicker job head coach jo ithe ba mm m, tac school list is he. thasy. [ male annncer ] getack toool o s
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here is the first look at sports as the raven head into the first season game of the 2010 season. there's the predicable walking wounded list to deal with. quarterback chris with the hamstring will stand back as well. one battle to watch closely is the kicker. incumbent billy is competing for shane for the job. two veterans going head-to-head and harbaugh is taking a novel approach this thursday night. >> they will alternate, every kid. that is what the coach wants to do. he feels that it will keep both of guys in the game for the game and give them a fair amount of reps. looking forward to that. his starting safety position will be manned by that guy, tom, with nakamura likely to take some aad he stands loose and ready for just about anything. >> it's always been the physical game. you never know who is going to be up and who is going to be
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down. if you are on a team you got to be like you're going to be starting. most likely if you look at the nfl, 53 people on the team. there's going to be injuries eventually plaguing somewhere. >> he tore his acl lasttseason and was lost the rest of the year. washington says he is good to go on tuesday night, harbaugh is not quite as sure. >> he is ready to go. it's just a matter of whether we want to him to go. we will take him and pregame and decide. we're not going to push him, let me tell you that. -p>> after a triumphant camden yards debut we will see if show walter's act will play on the role. the orioles who have won the six of the 7 games with show walter at the helm opened last night. in cleveland, o's up 2-1. felix lines one up and as cabrera, somehow bear hands the
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ball, and throws on the seat of his pants and take another look. reflexed by cabrera, that ball in mid-air all of that by runner on 3rd. next batter, matt jeter, an and orioles score 4 runs in the 4th. the game is now tied at 4. the bases loaded for hsu. lew marson scores. cabrera headed home as well. here comes the relay, cabrera out at home after a great block. the independent yand!! indians . the top of the 5th, the birds counter punch. 2 on for phoenix pa. he drives on to deep centerment it's going to carry and go over that is the 4th the year. the orioles retake the lead at 7-6. they add some insurance, grant
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